About Us

Your worldwide partner for compounds, latices, emulsions, adhesives, surfactants and polyurethanes.

Six divisions with production and distribution units all over the world yet with the flexibility of a medium-sized family business, staffed by passionate and enthusiastic people. Therein lies the secret behind the strength of the EOC Group.


EOC started mid 20th century as a producer of foam rubber for the mattress and furniture sectors. Along the way it shifted its core activity to compounds for the carpet industry. And with this a continued expansion was assured.
EOC decided to produce various raw materials under own management which led to the EOC Group of today. An international partner for various product ranges.

Research & Development:

Continuous innovation and environmentally friendly production are the key factors in our relationship with our customers. Each innovation is tested to make sure it lives up to your expectations..

Safety & Environment:

Along with quality, research and development we attach a great importance to concern for the environment, health and safety. Therefore we drawn up a policy based on the worldwide OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards. Thanks to these standards EOC is able to protect its employees and the environment.

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