EOC Surfactants has more than 40 years of experience in the production of high-quality surface-active agents that find their way in various industrial applications:

polymers, coatings and inks, adhesives, textiles, metal, crop protection and oil industry. Product quality and constant innovation are the mainstay of EOC Surfactants.

Therefore, new product development often takes place in consultation with customers through joint projects.

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Discover the movie about EOC goes ENO. Our employees' children make the design for our internal ENO campaign, see how they enjoyed the workshop!






EOC presents its sustainability report 2011-2013.

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June 2013, EOC became a GreenLight Partner

April 2014, during the 8th International Conference for Energy-Efficiency (IEECB ’14) the European Commissions announced the 7 European award winners and EOC is one of them!

The objective of the GreenLight Programme is to reduce the energy consumption from indoor and outdoor lighting throughout Europe, thus reducing polluting emissions and limiting the global warming. The objective is also to improve the quality of visual conditions while saving money.

Under the guidance of Encon, an engeneering company that works solely in the area of energy projects for companies, EOC has invested in a relighting program.

EOC has succeeded in reducing its CO² emission with 17 tons CO2 a year in Oudenaarde and 69 and 77 tons on the sites in Evergem.

EOC is proud to announce that we did not only save money by investing in this program, but moreover, we also succeeded in improving the lighting conditions, which is very important for our employees.

Winning the European Commission GreenLight Programme Award is the best motivation to continue our efforts in this domain.


EOC Belgium - Emulsion Division is immediately increasing its prices for VinylAcetate(co)Polymers (Eurovac) with 125 €/ton.

This has an influence on polymers sold into the paint&coating, adhesive, non woven & construction market.


We have been confronted with price increases on VinylAcetate monomer due to decreased availabilities.

this situation is being followed closely, however, further price increases can yet not been excluded.


Price adjustment will immediately be effective, or where contracts allow.

this action is needed to cover the increased raw material costs.


EOC Belgium Emulsion Division is a flexible production facility for a large variety of polymers based on Acrylic, Urethane & Vinylacetate technologies.

Its products are being used for a range of applications such as paint & coating, adhesive, non-woven, construction & graphic art.

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Global awareness concerning climate change and our ecological footprint has been growing daily.

To protect the future of our children and of future generations, companies and private persons will need to make a change together.

Therefore, EOC, together with its employees, will take part in the international ENO campaign, which aims to make people more aware of climate change and energy efficiency.

ENCON, a company specialized in efficient energy saving and environmentally friendly behaviour will help EOC achieve this goal.

This specifically means that we will work on an energy saving project  throughout the whole company.

EOC will work on optimizing profitable energy and work on finding the best way to generate sustainable energy.



Effective January 1st, 2014, EOC increases all prices for its latex products by 60€ per tonne dry. This price increase is needed to cover ongoing cost increases for raw materials, manufacturing and shipping latex.  

As of January 1st, the EOC Group starts up the manufacturing of carboxilated latex in its existing compounding plant in Barhi / New Delhi. With this new production facility the company is expanding its product portfolio in a major emerging market and will deliver innovative latex technologies to a growing number of customers in India. Customers being served by the new latex plant include enterprises in the carpet, paper, non woven and construction industry.

For further information please contact:

Mr Dharmendra Gangurde
EOC Polymers India PIPL


Johnson Controls Automotive Seating honors its best suppliers in Europe.

EOC Belgium is the winner of the Innovative Leadership Award.

Press Release - Johnson Controls Supplier Award Oct 2013