Code of conduct

EOC is committed to manage its business in accordance with its declared values. These values recognize that good social citizenship, reflected in the manner in which we interact with our employees, business partners and host communities, is an essential ingredient in creating and maintaining a sustainable future.


This Statement briefly summarizes EOC’s commitments in this regard.


·       Human rights

EOC is committed to the principles expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (and its protocols) and the fundamental Principles and Rights at Work developed by the International Labor Organization in all of the countries in which it has (or will have) a presence.


·       Freedom of association

EOC recognizes the right of the employees to become, and remain, members of Trades Unions and the right of their representatives to negotiate and bargain collectively on their behalf. In circumstances where Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining are restricted (or prohibited) under legislation, EOC works with its employees, where they wish to do so, to establish alternative means of representation that are mutually acceptable. EOC provides reasonable access for employee representatives and ensures that they do not suffer any disadvantage or discrimination as a result of their role as a representative.


·       Child labor

EOC does not employ in any way, any individual who has not either reached the mandated school-leaving age or the minimum age set for employment in any country in which it operates.

Notwithstanding the above, EOC supports initiatives such as work experience and summer / vacation employment for Second Level and College students with the intention to provide the participants with an introduction to business and the marketplace.


·       Forced labor and abuse

EOC is committed to treating its employees in a humane manner and does not countenance or condone forced labor or physical abuse. EOC does not tolerate any other form of abusive behavior not only in respect of its employees, but also in respect of those whom we conduct business with, e.g., suppliers, customers, members of host communities, local and national officials.


·       Employee respect

EOC values the contribution made to the business by its employees. It is committed to creating and maintaining a working environment which is safe, respects individuality, is non-discriminatory, appoints and promotes employees on the basis of suitability, rewards fairly, encourages (personal and professional) development, and has effective mechanisms of communication.


·       Diversity and non-discrimination

As a multinational company, EOC values the differences reflected in its’ diverse workforce.

The Company is committed to a working environment which rejects discrimination on any grounds and to the elimination of any unfair practices which may arise in day-to-day conduct of the business in the process of recruitment, internal promotion, selection for training or any other activity. In addition, EOC is committed to treating fairly and without prejudice, those with whom there is contact externally.


·       Fair compensation

EOC ensures that the pay rate for the standard working week (or part thereof in the case of part-time employees) in each country in which EOC operates, at least matches the minimum standard set by the local government or legislature.

In the event that no such standard is in place, EOC makes use of accepted industry standards or recognized norms to determine or adjust the relevant pay rates.

EOC maintains the practice of reviewing all wage and salary levels in accordance with the relevant collective agreements or, where none exist, at appropriately regular intervals.


·       Anti-corruption

EOC is committed to acting lawfully, ethically, with integrity and responsibility in the way we operate towards our people, organization, communities, business partners and markets. EOC also expects from all parties concerned to conduct business in an ethical and lawful manner, act with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws:

o   EOC does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption.

o   The Company expects from everyone to avoid participation in or 

knowingly benefit from any kind of corruption, extortion or bribery.

o   EOC also prohibits facilitation payments.

o   The Company markets and sells its products in compliance with 

all applicable rules and regulations, and in line with ethical standards.

o   EOC is committed to achieving a high standard of ethical behavior

 in everything that we do.


·       Employee development

Continuous training and development of employees is a key objective of EOC, to encourage each employee to reach his / her maximum potential.

EOC supports learning and development programs reflecting the necessity to constantly review and, where the necessity arises, raise, the standards of business performance. EOC encourages the exchange of “best practices”, knowledge and skill transfer, health and safety, and commitment.


·       Internal communication

EOC values regular, timely and efficient meetings with the employees and their representatives, conducted in an open and constructive manner, to exchange views on all matters affecting the business including health and safety, working conditions, terms and conditions of employment and the performance of the business.

The Company makes use of the appropriate media which include departmental and function meetings, employee representative meetings at local levels, internet, newsletters.


·       Land rights of communities, including indigenous people

EOC respects in full the rights on property and land of indigenous people and communities. EOC tolerates no land grabbing.


·       Community involvement

EOC recognizes that its’ plants, wherever situated, are a part of that local environment and community.

As a socially responsible organization, EOC is committed to developing a constructive and mutually supportive relationship with the host communities in whose domicile we are privileged to operate. As a consequence, appropriate community activity and involvement is both encouraged and promoted.

Apart from managing the business, a key element of each Plant Manager’s role is to represent the Company within the local community and contribute to its development.


·       Environment

EOC aims to efficiently use resources, minimizing material and product wastage, promoting more recycling, and optimizing transportation requirements. The Company has the objective to produce in a sustainable manner with respect for people and environment aiming for high energy efficiency, continuous lowering of environmental pollutants and zero complaints from local residents.



Gerard Marsman, CEO